“Master Raju is a remarkable person who can make you realize your dreams and can help you or contribute to your growth or awakening. He can help you have wisdom and all the things you long for. He can help you have character, and anything you can dream up, whatever is worthwhile."
Corporate Project Manager
“In my opinion, Master Raju is the embodiment of love, the embodiment of compassion. I have come to see this through the time he has spent teaching me many life altering lessons where I learned about forgiveness, non-judgment, acceptance, and detachment. "
Christina Theophilos M.E.d.,
President of the Glory of Education, The Glory of Yoga, and published author in the field of behavioral psychology
“On my spiritual journey, I learned from many masters and remain eternally eternal to many of them, including Raju Ji.”
Sunder S. Arora M.D.,
Author of Ushering in Heaven: A Psychologist’s Prescriptions for Healing, Joy, and Spiritual Awakening


The book is a door waiting to unlock a new world of truth and a path towards self-discovery. Through spiritual insights from actual experiences and science, it aims to enlighten readers to be aware of their true self and realize their own capabilities

By the end of this book, the readers should be able to unlock the mysteries of their unknown inner powers and continue to evolve into a new awakened being, equipped with a deep understanding of the chakras.


Mr. Raju Ramanathan is one of the most sought-after life coaches of high profiled individuals, as well as a distinguished improvement champion for major corporations. He is popularly referred to as Datta Yogi Raja, a brilliant scientist of both inner and outer worlds who has been teaching meditation and mediation since he was thirteen.

His techniques took the numerous countries by storm, where the diverse cultural backgrounds haven’t hindered to enlighten even modern communities through his spiritual messages. A truly life transforming experience and unique in its ways, his teachings have gained popularity from yoga to medical practices which asked for  guesting opportunities on several tv and radio programs in Canada. He has successfully bridged the two debatable realms of science and religion.



I chose Mercury as the golden mean between Mars and Venus because it symbolizes wisdom in the astrological tradition. Mercury became synonymous with the Greek God Hermes. He is the son of Jupiter and a friend of Apollo.

He reperesents wit, wisdom, and agility. Astrologically, he rules over the solar plexus and the nervous system. Those who are born under the influence of Mercury are highly intelligent and ingenious.

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